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Quality Control System



.The Petroservriton Co. is now the unique representative of the ShuangyuanTechnology Co

Shuangyuan QCS provides the most comprehensive set of online sensors, which included basis weight (gsm), moisture, thickness, ash, chromaticity (white), porosity, smoothness sensor, combined with fast scanner and high data processing speed, to deliver precise, high-resolution measurements for paper quality control.

Technical Capability

Stainless steel construction, more stable and more precise

High measuring accuracy and excellent data processing function ensure the user can receive quality data of the paper immediately

Easy operation and remote network diagnosis function

Share information with other control system


On-site Applications


Basis Weight Sensor-Kr85/Sr90/Pm147 (Radioactive source)

Moisture Sensor-Microwave/ infrared
Microwave Moisture Sensor


Ash Sensor-Low energy X-ray
For true wood fiber or purifying material made filter paper can also use X-ray for basis weight inspection


CD Basis Weight Control(Dilution Water/Slice)

Dilution Water Actuator On-site Application
Slice Actuator On-site Application
Before Control After Control

System Functions

 Profile the difference of the CD basis weight automatically, improve the sheet’s CD basis weight
Fast and accurate adaptive CD basis weight control
Self-diagnostics of the actuator’s mechanical and electrical condition with detailed alarm displays for operators
Integration into software allows easy operation, maintenance and tuning
Interface access with a serial to QCS or DCS

Steam and Condensate System



The adjustable thermocompressor is equipped with self-regulated device which can change the nozzle opening automatically on different working conditions to accommodate the steam flow for steam saving and dryers drainage. Comparing to the ordinary thermocompressor, it is adaptable and more efficient and also can improve machine speed, increase production, reduce energy consumption and optimize the machine operation.

Distributed Control System (DCS)

Control part adopts Siemens PLC, combined with network technology and Shuangyuan automatic control technology.

The advantages of Shuangyuan DCS system

High reliability and stability

High speed, large capacity controller

Concentrated, from top to bottom configuration mode

Flexible and reliable grafting in old system

Centralized, friendly interface

Inner Structure of control cabinet



Network Structure Diagram


Web imaging system
Web Imaging System is comprised of high speed CCD cameras, frame and working station and using the advanced imaging online inspection, identification and data treatment technology. WIS provides total solution for the customer which including defect inspection, imaging display, defect alarm, quality reports and defect elimination.




Defects include hole, black dot, spot, greasy dirt, insect, fold, foreign matter and etc. are detected and image displayed intuitively.


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News Date: 2016/01/11

a 2500 mm Double Wall Torres / SHS Corrugator made in Italy is available for Sale.
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a Rewinder made of Goebel with the width of 1800 is available for Sale.        
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an envelope machine made in Italy is available for Sale.                              
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